Alexandra Carlsen is a Swedish designer living and working in Stockholm. She graduated from Parsons The New School of Design (NYC) in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Design. During her education she studied both jewelry- and shoe design. After graduation she started working for Marc Jacobs in their Runway Shoe Design team. When returning to her hometown, Stockholm, the idea arose of combining her shoe design skills with her education in jewelry making. KNOT was created from the absence of nice shoelaces on the market, and the urge to simply embellish her shoes with real 925 silver and gold plated jewelry.

”Wearing sneakers everyday, I felt like the market was missing ways of making them more personal, fun and to express different moods. I love playing around with my outfits and as a shoe designer I of course think of my footwear as a big part of that. I wanted to find a way to change the look of my feet without having to buy new shoes. This resulted in the idea of really nice shoelaces in a number of colours, and even further to put jewelry on my shoes. Who doesn’t want to have jewelry on their feet? I love to mix old with new, which also is the philosophy for KNOT. It´s cool to wear your old sneakers, but just revamp them with fresh shoelaces and our jewelry.
 As part of a sustainable lifestyle I also like when I can use my items in different ways. I don’t want people to restrain their idea of what my products are for; therefor I have adapted the design to broaden the area of use. A jewelry pendant can be put on your shoelaces, in your earrings, on a chain necklace or simply cut of the shoelace and wear as a necklace or bracelet. I want people to think outside the box. Why not tie a lace with a pendant around a napkin to create a beautiful table setting?”